Eye of Llumira

Eye of Llumira
Evil will rise again.

Opening Scene

Blaine flinched as his little sister, Kelsey came running up and plopped down in the cool grass beside him. He fully expected her to push him over where he sat, as was her custom when she was bored. He gave Kelsey a look of aggravation before peering up at their friend, Jandis who was watching a horse drawn carriage slowly pass.

“I’m bored!” Kelsey complained as he pulled the pigtails from her hair.

Blaine briefly glanced down at his little sister wishing his mother had let Kelsey stay home instead of having him watch her. “We all are.” He replied to her and looked at the carriage that seemed to be moving at a snails pace. Blaine tilted his head as he noticed the coat of arms on the carriage door. The coat of arms belonged to the Earl of the Kingdom of Brithmoor, Sir Percy Burdett. However, the citizens of Brithmoor also knew him as the Peacock of Haversham. The Peacock as Blaine’s parents called him had rightfully earned his name for the flamboyant feathered hat and bright clothes he wore.

“Didn’t you hear him talk once?” Blaine asked Jandis as he motioned to the carriage.

Jandis nodded in reply,”Mm-Hmm, I sure did.”

Hearing her brother and Jandis, Kelsey looked between the two boys as she listened intently about the man everyone liked to talk about. “You did? What does he sound like?” she asked.

Jandis stuck his nose in the air and he pinched his nostrils “Good morning malady.” he said through his nose and bowed with a flourish of his hand. “I am Sir Percy Burdett, Peacock of Haversham.”

They all giggled at Jandis’ impersonation of Sir Burdett and for moment, the boredom seemed to disappear. It was then that Jandis looked at the Kelsey and Blaine with wicked grin curling the corners of his mouth. “Would you like to get a look at him?”

The two siblings looked at each other then back at Jandis and nodded. “How you suppose we do that?” Blaine inquired.

Jandis bolted off towards the carriage as he yelled back.” I know a shortcut come on!” Blaine and Kelsey followed close behind as they found themselves cutting across streets and through Brithmoor’s market district faster then they ever had. PeacockofHaversham.jpg It was not soon after that the three children found themselves in the residential district peering around the corner of Sir Burdett’s household. They watched the carriage that they had raced finally pull up as they eagerly watched to see the man they had heard so much about through their parents and so many others. Their eyes all grew wide as a man dressed in powder blue clothes, white lace cuffs and matching cravat, stepped from the carriage and in front of his household. Kelsey could not contain her laugh as she noticed the long blue feather that protruded from the hat that rested on Sir Burdett’s head.

Percy looked in the direction of the laughter, rolled his eyes at the three children peeking out at him, and disappeared through the door that his butler held open for him.

“Your guests are waiting for you sir.” The butler informed the peacock.


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