Hall of Light

Ghamede – God of Order and Wisdom
Azryne – Goddess of Magic & Knowledge
Felgar – God of dwarves, forge, smithing
Gildan – God of gnomes, alchemy, illusions (more scientific)
Strelis – God of dragons, strategy
Thaydus – God of war

Hall of Neutrality

Shalloura – Goddess of Balance, Nature and Peace
Biantu – Goddess of Love
Llumira – goddess elves, moon and stars, sun, travel, poetry, music, art
Morpesh – God of death & balance, judges souls and delivers them to their fates
Onoc – God of the hunt, barbarian god,
Peleneir – God of Halflings, trickery, thievery

Hall of Darkness

Molgroth – God of Chaos and Ruler of Abyss
Borthak – God of Orcs
Boshirilon- God of Vengeance
Llynestra – Queen of the Damned
Thanric- God of assassins, fear, darkness, hiding


Eye of Llumira CloakedVisage