Aricia Journal

The Peacock of Haversham

Today I received a summons from an old client, Sir Percy Burdett. Of course, he was not truly old for a human as he was in his mere forties. He often pretended that he was still in his prime, strutting his stuff and wearing ridiculous clothing, hats, and jewels. The last time I worked for him, I almost cut off his hand which had found itself on too familiar of a place on my posterior. Seeing that, his young halfling servant, Yuong, ever so slightly grinned. Yuong was not one for many facial expressions so a smile was a rare one. It was hard to read his face most of the time. I smile at the thought of the young man. I have known him since he was a wee thing, just off the streets. Reese cup he calls me. Ever since he was a boy, I favored him, bringing him sweets and gifts from my adventures. I could not seem to help it when it came to the little halfling. My thoughts digress.

Upon arriving at the large household of the Burdetts, I grew annoyed seeing that he had hired not just me, but several others. This must be something of great importance to hire so many. I can feel a twitch in my cheek begin. I spotted my Yuong, in the shadows as always. There was also the one handed Knight of Ghamede, Sir Aldan, and a cook by the name of Lyle, who had the look of a womanizing pervert. I will watch his hands closely, or else he might become just like his friend and lack a certain body part…or two. Oh, my old friend Liggid the Half Ork was there with another young man in warrior’s gear going by the name of Jadugar. Seeing the blood mage was a complete surprise to me. The last time I had seen him was the first time I had met him, in the catacombs on Ork lands. We had been trapped together in a tomb, fighting for our freedom and our lives. Today has certainly been one for old memories. What a strange group to gather.

Sir Percy Burdett waltzed into the room adorned in a powder blue suit, a white lacy shirt and cravat with matching white hose, as well as a blue hat topped with a blue feather. By the gods, the man truly dressed like his nickname, the Peacock of Haversham. Of course, no one calls him that to face, except very few…sometimes I slip up. The Peacock explained that he had gathered us all here to search for a stolen possession of his, the Eye of Llumira. How in the name of the gods did he get a hold of such an artifact in the first place?

The investigation started immediately, headed by the forceful Sir Aldan. He is the “take charge” kind of person. The Eye had been held in the center of a room in a box. I inspected the locks as well as the traps. Sure enough, someone had jammed the trap that would have ejected poison darts.

Capturing a Bladesinger
(to be continued)

Not by Chance Meetings with a Necromancer

Lazar, the Bladesinger of Llumira, led the group to past an ancient battleground. He paused, holding his hand up for silence. I drew my horse close to his and whispered, “What is it?” His face twisted in a pensive look, “This an old battleground. Orks have been known to use this area to prey upon passersby.” Pain pressed behind my eyes. These lands had seen so much death. Licking my lips, I passed on the message to the rest of our group, advising for quietness, " We should proceed with caution." Sir Aldan looked to Yuong, “Perhaps you should scout ahead.” Yuong dismounted from his horse and disappeared. Further down our path, my halfling discovered a wrecked wagon.

Massacre at the Elven Tomb
(to be continued)

Breaking into Brithmoor
(to be continued)

Faking the Eye of Llumira and the Temple of Ghamede
(to be continued)

Zombies in Beggar’s Nest and the Temple of Morpesh

After spending the night in the Temple of Ghamede, I asked my companions if they would escort me to the Temple of Morpesh. Despite the imminent dangers of journeying into the depths of Beggar’s Nest, my companions agreed to accompany me. A good thing too. I am not certain I would have made it on my own. We traveled in the light of the morning, but our journey was nearly halted in the very beginning when the City Guard prevented our entrance into Beggar’s Nest, which had been quarantined from the rest of the city.

However, Sir Aldan and my clever Yuong remembered a secret entrance into the slums. They led the way to an old warehouse. We soon saw the sad state of the poorest area of the city. The people still alive locked themselves up in their homes. Zombies roamed the streets freely, looking for a fresh bite to eat. We formulated a plan to make a dent in the Undead population. Sir Aldan, the bait, lured the flesh eaters with a trail of freshly spilled blood. Once leading a few dozen zombies, Sir Aldan grabbed a hanging rope as he taunted them. With a loud whoop of excitement, Jadugar, who had the other end of the rope, jumped from a window a couple of stories high. The chaotic boy pulled the rope, which skyrocketed Sir Aldan up via a pulley system.

At this point, Yuong shut the door, entrapping the zombies. From atop the roof of the warehouse, I leaned over the edge and dropped a lit lantern down. The dry old wood caught afire quickly, spreading fast. Time was precious and the building beneath us was going down in flames, much more quickly than expected. Sir Aldan took a hold of me like I was a sack of potatoes over his back and took off in a room…and leaped over onto a nearby building top. I clung to him for my life and my heart skipped a beat or two. Liggid was able to contain the fire well enough that it did not spread to any other buildings.

Unfortunately, the flames were a beacon, drawing more zombies toward us. Liggid used blood magic to redirect some of the fire at some of the zombies. They went up in flames in an awful barbecue. But that was not enough. They were still coming for us. We had no choice. we were going to have to run. We all made it back down to the streets. At this point, we decided to make a mad dash for the Temple of Morpesh. As we ran for our lives, we heard the cries of a girl child. “Help me, please! Help me!” Sir Aldan screeched to a sudden halt. Tucked away in a wooden barrel, a child hid, curled up in the fetal position. Poor wee thing was terrified and rightly so. Sir Aldan grabbed the barrel and gave it a good push, rolling it down the street as if it were a ball.

In the meantime, a zombie managed to get lucky, clawing at Lyle. The damned flesh eater drew blood. Bloody hell. This limited our time even further. Time was running out indeed. Sir Aldan shoved Lyle at Liggid, demanding he fix our slow friend. The wooden barrel came to a stop, the little girl crawled out, her head spinning. Poor thing tossed her cookies. I do not blame her. The knight of Ghamede had to double back to rescue her again from those flesh eating abominations. The rest of the run was a blur.

The next thing I knew, I was before the gates of the cemeteries. Behind the cemeteries was the Temple of Morpesh, towering above them. A knight of Morpesh stood guard at the gates, preventing passage. A memory arose of my father, tall and handsome in his armor. I pulled out my father’s medallion, the sign of Morpesh stamped on the silver metal. I begged for entrance in my belated father’s name Sir Alexander Starbringer, Knight of Morpesh. We were granted asylum in the nick of time. We rushed in, dragging our injured friend through the gates.

While Liggid had helped Lyle, he was not able to completely heal him. We desperately needed more help to save his life. Lyle was taken immediately to the healers of Morpesh who had experience in this sort of thing. If there was any hope in halting the zombification, we were in the right place. Also, Liggid being a blood mage drew a lot of unwanted attention and not exactly the good kind. He was lucky my father was once a knight or he would have never been let through those gates. I vouched for him, telling the knights that this half ork had saved our lives over and over again on our journey.

As we moved through the cemetery, the others of our group were distracted by a naked maiden who was atop a white mare. Memories of my past passed like a wave over me. Once upon a time, I too had been a maiden. I had assisted the Order of Morpesh in this sacred tradition. Of course my companions were curious as this strange occurrence in the middle of a cemetery. I explained that this was how the Knights searched for and drew out the undead in graveyards. I think they were skeptical at first but assured them that I once had once been pure and had ridden upon a pure white mare. I described it as a “feeling”, a “knowledge”, some “sense” that Morpesh granted us during this sacred right.

Eventually, we made it through the cemeteries and into the temple. A sense of peace washed through me. I remember my father bringing me here as a little girl. A sad tear welled at the corner of my eye. I wiped it away. He had been such a great man. A great and just man who taught her so much. He had been gone from this world for 75 years now, and yet, her memories were still fresh and vivid. It was surprising he had lived to such an old age for a human. I spent time with my memories as we rested, recovering from our flight and fight as our cook went through the painful process of healing.

Once Lyle was strong enough to join us, I requested an audience with the Shallafi, the Hierophant of the Temple of Morpesh. I insisted it was of great importance. Once granted his audience and given a moment of privacy with the Shallafi, I explained our journey in great detail. The Shallafi was deeply disturbed that there was a possibility that necromancers might be going after the Hand of Morpesh. Much evil could occur if that great artifact got into the wrong hands.

The Shallafi entrusted us with a mission to retrieve the Hand of Morpesh and bring it back into his safe keeping. He brought out a map, knowing the destination that had been passed down to him through tradition and secrets. His weathered old finger stabbed at the mapped, showing us our route. We would have to travel by sea, around the other side of the country. Lyle blurted out in his weakened state that he could acquire a ship. Thank the gods. The Shallafi continued this instructions. We needed to go east of the City of Macrim and travel near the Finger of Morphesh. There lies the goal of current adventure.

Desert country here I come.

Aricia Journal

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